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Green Investment Group, Inc. (GIGI), and its SSPM, L.P. affiliate companies, acquire and redevelop Brownfield sites throughout North America. A Brownfield site is an abandoned or underutilized industrial or commercial site that is well-positioned for redevelopment. Using a unique, modern business model that focuses on a phased approach to restoring, redeveloping and reviving inactive industrial sites, GIGI is able to bring investment, jobs and revitalization to local economies.

GIGI is dedicated to developing properties in manners that complement community needs. The company works diligently to identify and utilize two specific types of development at its properties, including energy technologies and alternative fuel sources, and the recycling of a wide variety of waste streams. GIGI recognizes the enhanced potential for economic viability that these industries offer, and the potential profitability for business centers located in or adjacent to such manufacturing industries.

For any potential project, GIGI makes it a priority to consult and work closely with local communities, including its citizens, elected officials, local associations and businesses, as well as provincial and federal governments. The goal of GIGI is to create opportunity, employment, economic viability and long-term, positive results for the communities where its properties are located.



"The Green Investment Group team members are the ground troops making an industrial paradigm shift happen on this continent."
- Tova Sardot, PhD Candidate at the University of Montana.

“Green Investment Group has a proven track record of investing the necessary funds to save the industrial infrastructure and create good-paying jobs. We welcome them to Montana.”
– Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer.

“The arrival of SSPM Pontiac (Green Investment Group affiliate) in our region is the result of a collaborative effort that represents a win-win situation for all parties. This is an important step that will lead to an economic and social revival of the MRC Pontiac,”
– Honourable Lawrence Cannon, former MP for Pontiac, Minister of Foreign Affairs and minister responsible for the Outaouais region.