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Consulting Services

Green Investment Group, Inc. provides consulting services to public and private entities concerned with commercial and industrial properties in their communities that have challenges of obsolescence, contamination and underutilization. Analysis of causes and solutions can lead to options for targeted pathways of economic redevelopment. Services can provide assistance in acquisition or disposition of affected real estate, analysis of negative conditions affecting the real estate and improvements and options for reuse. GIGI has extensive experiences in the following areas of expertise:

  1. (1) Completing due diligence 'documentation' prior to purchase or disposition of "brownfield" real estate and industrial assets,
  2. (2) assistance in negotiation of terms of purchase or sale of brownfield assets
  3. (3) review of environmental conditions affecting assets
  4. (4) review of available economic incentives available that will impact the sale or purchase of he assets.
  5. (5) review and consideration of potential opportunities for reuse and redevelopment of the assets
  6. (6) assistance with locating potential acquisition targets for developers
  7. (7) development of an "acquisition" or "disposition" team and criteria for implementing the appropriate plan.

Services are rendered to both sellers and buyers of brownfield assets as well as to governmental entities affected by the presence of contaminated or underutilized properties.

Consulting services are largely rendered based upon actual experience in ownership remediation and disposition of brownfield properties.

Consulting services do not include legal services.

Professionals in related fields are regularly suggested where appropriate.