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Projects - America's Center Industrial Park – Alton, Illinois

Location: Alton, Illinois
Project Type: Brownfield Redevelopment
Size: 400 Acres
Property Origin: Laclede Steel & Smurfit-Stone Mill

Redevelopment Plan & Progress

The principals of Green Investment Group were investors and officers of Alton Steel, Inc. (ASI), which acquired a closed, bankrupt steel mill in Alton, Illinois in 2001 and restarted the steel production process in 2003. Their efforts prevented a 100-year-old, 400-acre site from becoming a blighted area and, today, ASI employs approximately 300 employees.

The ASI project led to the formation of Green Investment Group, Inc. (GIGI), which in 2006, purchased the adjacent 235-acre Smurfit-Stone site in the interest of further redevelopment. To date, the environmental investigation and salvage has been completed, and GIGI currently qualifies for a no further action letter from the Illinois EPA. The site, now deemed the America’s Center Industrial Park, is licensed and ready for development. The principals of GIGI have prepared the site for development of a future alternative energy project, and are currently negotiating with investors.


Fact Sheet

Download the Project Fact Sheet in PDF format (213kb)