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Circleville, Ohio Redevelopment

In 2006, CircleGreen, LLC, an affiliate of Green Investment Group, Inc., purchased a former Smurfit-Stone site in Circleville, Ohio. Like most industrial properties the property came with environmental challenges. Working in cooperation with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency, CircleGreen, LLC and the team at Green Investment Group, Inc., worked diligently to complete the environmental investigation and remediation, meeting all requirements of the clean up program. In May 2013, CircleGreen received a "no further action" letter from the Ohio EPA and was able to repurpose all of the property, selling 275 acres to a local rancher and the remaining 26 acres to Cargill.

The sale of the property brings redevelopment efforts at this site full circle. Work began in 2006 to investigate, remediate and redevelop the property and after a $3 million investment, environmental remediation was completed responsibly under Ohio EPA’s guidance and oversight. From start to finish, Green Investment Group's and CircleGreen's goals have remained the same - to identify redevelopment opportunities for the Circleville, Ohio site that will be best suited to benefit the community in terms of economic viability and employment opportunities. Repurposing the site for a ranching enterprise and for agricultural use by Cargill, is the best use of the property given the focus on agriculture in the Circleville, Ohio area.